Disney California Adventure: Our Adventure

The second day of our trip was spent solely in Disney California Adventure park and it was a fantastic day because it was truly different to any other Disney park that I have ever experienced. I was also beyond chuffed to see the Mickey wheel and Paradise Pier in it’s glory before it is being changed to Pixar Pier (a good excuse for us to go back and visit again!)IMG_3694.JPG

Paradise Pier was visually stunning and to me, it is beyond iconic. I was so happy to get many, many photos to hold our memories. I think that every single ride on Paradise Pier is something that we don’t have in Paris, but due to time constraints (and fear of heights) we didn’t go on many and spent most of our time exploring the pier. I was so excited to see California Screamin’ however, even though I didn’t pluck up the courage to ride it. In fact, the only two rides on Paradise Pier that we did were Jumpin’ Jellyfish which was cute and fun, and The Little Mermaid – Ariel’s Undersea Adventure which I absolutely adored and wish that we could have a version somewhere in Paris. It was so fun and the storytelling was absolutely brilliant. As it never had a long queue we were able to ride this twice.

World of Color however was the stand out of Paradise Pier for me. It is the night time Disney show in the park and uses the fountains to display different colours and movie clips in a show to music. It was utterly brilliant and we were glad of the helpful signs as we kept well out of the splash zones. I’m hoping that this is something that Paris will be able to have once the lake has been created in the Walt Disney Studio’s Park.


The thing that I was most excited for in California Adventure was exploring Cars Land and experiencing Radiator Spring Racers. Cars Land was absolutely incredible and it genuinely felt like we were in Radiator Springs. The attention to detail and the theming was fantastic- a particular highlight was eating a delicious breakfast in Flo’s Café.



We were lucky enough to experience Radiator Spring’s Racers twice as we were able to get a FastPass and joined the general queue. This ride was absolutely amazing, the story telling at the beginning was fantastic and then the race at the end was purely thrilling. I think that this was my favourite ride in the whole of California Adventure and would love to experience it again someday!


The other two rides in Cars Land were also fantastic. We had such a blast on Luigi’s Rollickin’ Roadsters which dance along to the song, and Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree was a fun twist on the Cars ride in Paris. I’m so glad that we got to experience all the rides in Cars Land and we were fortunate that day that the rides were not too long.

We spent a little bit of time wondering around A Bug’s Land, but much like Toon Town it was based upon a very young age range. The theming was fantastic however and you really did feel like you had shrunk down to the size of a bug. We did have time for one ride though and chose Flik’s Flyers which was really good fun- a bit of a twist of a ferris wheel.


Hollywood Land is home to the Guardian’s of the Galaxy – Mission Breakout! But because I do not like the Tower of Terror we decided to give this a miss, but it was great to see the theming and what it looked like in real life. I wouldn’t be too disappointed if it ended up in Paris. We decided that we would go on the Monsters Inc ride and whilst it was simple, we had a really good time on it and enjoyed going through the story. The atmosphere in Hollywood Land was really great fun and there were lots of characters milling around which added to the atmosphere. We had a good time browsing through some shops and just enjoying being there.


Grizzly Peak was one of my favourite lands as it was home to the Grizzly River Run which we really enjoyed and went on twice. I really liked this ride as you actually got splashed- which was refreshing in the heat- and the drops weren’t too big which meant that it was actually enjoyable for me.

The other stand out ride for me was Soarin’ Around The World and I am so glad we got to experience it. I was really freaked out in the queue because I had no idea what it was going to be and luckily we managed to get seats in the back row which meant that we were at the lowest point for the ride (me and my husband are terrified of heights!) It was such a good, fun experience and it was surreal to get to see the heights and literally soar around the world.

Disney California Adventure was such a fun day and I hope that someday I get to go back and experience things again, see Pixar Pier when it’s been created, and experience the attractions that we missed out on this time.


Tomb Raider 2018 Review

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It wasn’t my intention to write a movie review for the latest Tomb Raider movie, but we went to see it yesterday and I enjoyed it so much that I wanted to write a short post about what I thought- especially because I am a wimp when it comes to movies and I thought I would be scared by it.

Tomb Raider (2018) is an adaptation of the highly popular ‘Lara Croft: Tomb Raider’ video game and to my knowledge has also been made into movies before. I must admit that I have never played the video game, seen a Tomb Raider movie and came into this movie with an entirely fresh perspective and no expectations. The reason why I wanted to see the movie was based purely on the movie trailer and I am so glad I did.

The movie follows the story of Lara Croft who is trying to deal with the supposed death of her father- and how she inevitably starts an adventurous quest to try and find out what happened to him. The start of the movie is utterly fantastic and truly sets the scene and backstory of Lara- whom Alicia Vikander portrays brilliantly. Croft discovers that her father was investigating the supernatural god queen Himiko. She travels to the island and soon finds her father’s nemesis. The movie then explores how Lara Croft becomes the tomb raider and explores what her father had been searching for and attempting to protect.

Tomb Raider is a fast paced, adventure movie with incredible acting, stunts and visual effects. The storyline was convincing and ever moving and Alicia Vikander played an incredible Lara Croft. The ending of the movie has left it open for further sequels and I genuinely hope that this is something that they create. It was the perfect adventure, popcorn movie.

Love, Simon – No Spoilers Review

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Last night, me and my husband were lucky enough to attend a Cineworld ‘Secret Screening’ at our local cinema. A Secret Screening is literally just that, when you go to the cinema with no idea about what you are going to watch until the certification screen comes up and the movie begins.

Yesterday was my second Secret Screening and I wasn’t disappointed. On arrival we were all offered free Candy King pots, so I settled in my seat with my Vanilla Fudge and Tango Ice Blast and waited for the trailers to finish. (Another perk of a Secret Screening is no adverts, only trailers. They went on for about 10 minutes.)

At last the screen went dark and the certification screen came up and I was ecstatic. We were getting to see Love, Simon, three and a half weeks before its UK release date. I had seen the trailer for this movie a few times and it was very high on my watch list, so I was honestly over the moon. Since leaving the movie last night and checking Twitter I can see that not many people seemed pleased with this choice, but I thought it was brilliant.

Love, Simon is a movie based upon the life of a teenage boy named Simon Spier. He seems to be your average teen, with awesome friends and a loving family, but deep down he is harbouring a secret that he doesn’t yet have the confidence to share, his sexuality. After another teen at school anonymously reveals their sexuality via the school blog site, Simon begins to e-mail this other person and a relationship starts to develop. However, when Simon’s secret is threatened, he begins to take questionable actions and faces the hard hitting consequences. I’m going to leave it there though as I do not want to ruin the movie for anyone who plans to go and see it.

I thought that this movie was superb. It had the feel of a teen/young adult movie (which I love) and it dealt with some important issues for this day and age. It is hard to believe that if this movie came out just 10 years ago, it probably would have been received in a completely different light.  It was a heart warming romantic comedy and it focused on the hardships that teenagers can and do face at school. Whilst the movie was solely focused on sexuality, I believe that others would be able to relate to this movie for other reasons due to the highlighting of bullying and other behaviours at school.

For me, the stand out part of this movie experience was the phenomenal cast, who all brought something different and amazing to the movie. In my opinion, they all fully encompassed the characters they were portraying. I thought that Nick Robinson (Simon) was outstanding and made the character 100% believable and realistic. The chemistry of his friendships with Leah (Katherine Langford), Abby (Alexandra Shipp) and Nick (Jorge Lendeborg Jr) were fantastic and they truly came across as a tight-knit friendship group. I thought though that Jennifer Garner (Emily aka Mom) was beyond brilliance. I am a huge Jennifer Garner fan already but she portrayed Simon’s mom amazingly and her reaction to his coming out was truly beautiful. I also thought that the soundtrack for this movie was absolutely fabulous and it encompassed the feelings and emotions that were being portrayed at different moments in the movie.

Overall, this movie was fantastic and I would highly recommend it to anyone. It was truly heart warming and entertaining.

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Disneyland Resort: Our Adventure

When I originally started up this blog I had thought to myself that I would do daily trip reports for the Disneyland Resort aspect of our honeymoon. However, we went last August (2017) and being perfectly honest I cannot remember what happened each day and in what order. I thought that instead I would write a mini (probably very long) review as it were, talking a little bit about our three days in California and what we liked the most about visiting the original Disney park… spoiler alert: we loved it!

I will also split this across two blog posts. One all about Disneyland Park and the other about Disney California Adventure. Sorry for all the Disneyland Paris comparisons, it is the park I am most familiar with so it is hard for me not to compare.

Disneyland Park

Disneyland Park is the original Disney park and I was utterly excited to experience it and to be right where Walt Disney himself had been and where his creations had come to life. On our first day at the park I just remember feeling so unbelievably euphoric at being there and taking in all the magic.


Main Street USA felt like a home away from home because there are so many similarities to Disneyland Park in Paris. The sights, the music and the smells all made me feel like I was back in my happy place even though I had never visited this park before. On reflection I think that the shopping experience on Main Street USA in California is far superior to that of Paris, but I think the Paris one has a more magical feel to it. I’m not sure why but I think that it may be due to the castle at the end of the street. Whilst it was wonderful to see the original Disney castle, unfortunately due to it’s size and lack of magnitude in comparison to Paris, it did feel slightly disappointing. That being said, it was incredible to see (and photograph) and I am so happy to have ticked another castle off my list. Like I said before, it is also incredible to be able to personally witness things that Walt himself was involved in.


Overall the park felt extremely compact, but again I think this is partially due to my familiarity with Paris, but I will say that it did have some fantastic rides which we don’t unfortunately have. These are the rides that I will mostly focus on in this blog post.

One of my favourite rides that we were able to experience in California was the Matterhorn Bobsleds which opened in 1959 and was the first rollercoaster type ride at Disneyland Park. It is also the only Disney park in the world to have a Matterhorn mountain so already this attraction was feeling very special. We rode the Matterhorn twice and it was such good fun, it was fast, thrilling and the appearing Yeti’s were a fun touch. I would absolutely love it if Disneyland Paris could one day get a Matterhorn or a similar bobsled type ride- perhaps in the new proposed Frozen area of the WDS park in Paris!


There were a couple of rides in Fantasyland which we enjoyed that we don’t have in Paris and they were Alice in Wonderland and Mr Toad’s Wild Ride both of which are similar to the Snow White and Pinocchio type story attraction. We enjoyed both these rides and it was awesome to see Mr Toad being acknowledged in a greater sense then that of Paris.


  It’s A Small World and Storybook Land Canal Boats are both rides that we have a variation of in Paris but I was excited to experience both of these and compare and contrast. It’s A Small World held many similarities to Paris except for the fact that the ‘river’ felt less free flowing as you were in a ‘container’ as such and they had different Disney characters dotted throughout the ride for you to try and spot. We were very excited to find Lilo hidden within the attraction. I don’t think that one version is particularly better than the other as they both have amazing aspects and were both just as enjoyable and magical for me.


The Storybook attraction was a different story for me though. In my opinion the California version is utterly incredible. I think this is partly because it is an original 1955 ride and that it is more interactive than the version in Paris because a Cast Member rides along with you. Also, in true pure Disney magic, our cruise had to stop midway to allow for the fireworks to happen so, we enjoyed the fireworks from the boat and exploding over Agrabah.

Another ride within Fantasyland which I adored was Peter Pan’s Flight. It was incredibly similar to the Paris version but with smaller ships. But it was so beautiful and well kept together that I absolutely loved experiencing it. Fantasyland in general was visually stunning. We of course went on other classic Fantasyland rides such as the Mad Hatter’s Tea Cups and Dumbo.


Mickey’s Toon Town is a land which we don’t have in Paris so I was very excited to have a wander around and experience, even though it is clearly targeted at a younger audience. We didn’t spend a great deal of time in this land and only went on Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin which was good fun. My overall opinion of this area was that it was cute but very busy which is why we didn’t spend a great deal of time in there as we only had three days in total at the parks and decided that we would explore elsewhere.

Adventureland was absolutely incredible because I adored the theming, it was absolutely brilliant. The stand out ride for me in Adventureland was Indiana Jones Adventure and I liked it so much because it is a ride that most of the family can enjoy, unlike the rollercoaster at DLP. The ride was like nothing I’ve ever been on before and it genuinely felt like you were going on an adventure. It was thrilling and action packed but without being too scary!


The Jungle Cruise is also in Adventureland and it was fantastic! It was great having a Cast Member onboard as they really played with the guests and enhanced the visit for all. I think that this would be a really fun attraction to see in Paris one day.

Frontierland was a little bit of a disappointment. Now the theming was absolutely amazing and I think the reason why I was disappointed all comes down to Big Thunder Mountain. If you have been to Disneyland Paris then you will know that Big Thunder Mountain truly is the wildest ride in the wilderness, in California however, this is not the case. It felt more like a Casey Junior than a rollercoaster and with Thunder being my all time favourite ride, it was definitely a disappointment for me. Also, as we were so excited to go on a different Big Thunder Mountain we ran there first thing in the morning, shocked that we were the first people on the ride but soon found out the reason!


New Orleans Square is a land that is unfamiliar to me but hosts rides of great familiarity to me including Pirates of the Caribbean and Haunted Mansion (aka Phantom Manor). I thought that Pirates of the Caribbean was absolutely awesome and it was so good to see the new updates and effects before I was able to experience them in Paris (and in English). For me, Haunted Mansion was as enjoyable as Phantom Manor, maybe even more so due to the fact that the French language barrier was eradicated, and I could truly understand what was going on. I thought the music in New Orleans Square was absolutely fantastic and I felt as though I was Tiana in the Princess and the Frog.


Another land that I was unfamiliar with was Critter Country but it was something that I was really looking forward to because I am a huge fan of Winnie the Pooh. The Winnie the Pooh ride was adorable and I believe that we went on it three times as there was never any queue. It was super cute and I would be so happy if we could get one in Paris. Splash Mountain was the other new ride for me however we decided not to go on it as neither me or Kurt are a fan of heights or big drops so we decided to give it a miss. It did look like an interesting ride and if I ever visit again maybe I will pluck up the courage.


Lastly, Tomorrowland (our Discoveryland) has plenty of familiarity for me including Star Tours – The Adventure Continues (was great to experience in English), Space Mountain (I much preferred to Paris as it doesn’t go upside down), Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters (basically the same), Autopia (good fun and retro!), Astro Orbitor (Orbitron) and finally Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage which was fantastic, this is something that I would definitely like to see come to other parks, even if it is as a walkthrough attraction. All in all, the land felt very similar and I prefer the California version as the rides were much more accessible to me as less of a thrill seeker. Also, we had delicious frozen lemonade which was one of my highlights as it was so incredibly hot and it was so yummy!

I feel as though I have rambled on for too long but just a few other thoughts, the counter service pizza was massive and delicious, it was so easy to meet characters because there were no massive queues like in Paris, and we had an amazing time watching the Electrical Parade and seeing snippets of Fantasmic!

In summary, we had a fantastic two days in Disneyland Park and there was such an amazing aura of authenticity and magic which I have never experienced before. The park had a wide range of attractions and experiences, some unique to other Disney parks that I have visited before. The Cast Members were all super friendly and happy to help with any query. By the time we had gone through the bag check we had already been given first visit badges. I would 100% recommend a visit to Disneyland Resort to any Disney fan as it is a truly remarkable experience and I hope that one day I can go back.


My Disneyland Paris Engagement

As you have probably gathered I am a huge Disneyland Paris fan and I was lucky enough to get engaged at Disneyland to my lovely husband back in August 2016. I thought that it would be nice to share a little bit about the story for you all. Before I start writing about our engagement I’d like to say that I had absolutely no idea that Kurt was going to propose to me, let alone in Disneyland so it was honestly one of the best days of my life and I will cherish it forever.

We were on holiday at Disneyland Paris with my parents and sister and it had already been arranged that me and Kurt would be having an anniversary meal at Inventions one evening. It turned out Kurt had been speaking with DLP for months but had conned me into thinking that dining at Inventions was all my idea.

Our reservation was at 6pm and whilst we were getting ready for our meal, Kurt and my mum (who knew what was going to happen) kept encouraging me to wear a nice dress to dinner but with no genuine reasoning. I didn’t want to because I wanted to make sure I was comfy to walk around the park after the meal. If I had known what was going to happen then maybe I would have made a different choice.

We arrived at the Disneyland Hotel with plenty of time to spare and wandered into the hotel lobby. I had never been in the hotel before and I had no idea where Inventions was. Kurt had snuck to Inventions earlier that day to drop off my ring, but he feigned confusion and we eventually found our way up to the restaurant. I want to talk about how stunning the Disneyland Hotel is, everything about it is simply gorgeous, even the restrooms were beautiful. I genuinely hope that one day I get to stay there, even if it is only for one night.


Once we had found Inventions we joined the queue to get our table and then the waiter took us straight to a table in the corner, next to the window and we had an absolutely breath-taking view of the castle. I was already so happy and I had no idea about what was going to come.


After we were settled at our table and had ordered our drinks we went up to the buffet for our first round of dinner. I had an absolute ton of meatballs (so delicious) and plenty of chicken nuggets too. I am an incredibly fussy eater and I was so worried that the selection of food would not be to my taste, but they had plenty of options and I was able to find a few different things that suited my taste buds.

Whilst we were eating our dinner the characters started to come over to our table and we met Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Pluto, Goofy and Tigger. I was so happy with this selection of characters because to me they are all ‘classic’ Disney characters and I have such a soft spot for Tigger too! The character interactions were fantastic, and it turns out that they were all in the know of the engagement that was about to happen. Kurt said that the characters all gave him a pat on the back to wish him good luck each time they came over. Luckily I was oblivious to this as I was busy stuffing my face full of meatballs! All in all, I went up for food about four times and it turns out that each time I went up for food, the waiters were watching to see if I was getting dessert yet or not as that was to be the signal for them to come over. I honestly wondered why they were watching me and even mentioned it to Kurt… I found out later though.

When we went up to get our dessert, Kurt signalled the waiter (to which I was clueless) and after we had been back at our table for about 5 minutes or so, two waiters came over. One of them was carrying two dozen red roses and the other a food tray. The food tray was put down on the table and the lid lifted and underneath there was a Cinderella glass slipper with an engraved glass tray that asked me to marry him. The engagement ring was placed in the slipper. Kurt made a little speech to me (which I’ll keep private) and asked me to marry him and immediately I burst into tears because I was so shocked and happy. I honestly couldn’t believe that I was getting engaged in my all time favourite place.


By this point a huge crowd had gathered around our table and a lady nearby offered to take some photos as our camera was placed on the table. Once it had all died down and the champagne had been delivered, Kurt explained to me all about his master plan and how he had planned it all. The amount of hard work and energy he put into it was incredible. He had spent months talking and organising with Disneyland Paris and had even designed my engagement ring himself.

Shortly after the proposal Tigger came over again and he pretended to propose to me at our table. We managed to get a picture of him down on one knee and it was a great character interaction. I genuinely cannot praise the cast and waiters at the restaurant enough as they all went above and beyond to make sure that our engagement was truly spectacular and a night to remember. It was one of those moments that proves that Disney is purely and truly magical. There is probably so much more I could say about the planning of the engagement and how it all panned out but there is truly so much depth to it and I think it is nice to keep some things to myself.

We sat at the table for a while longer finishing up our desserts and then we headed into Disneyland Park. I felt like an absolute superstar walking down Main Street USA with two dozen roses and the incredible engagement ring on my finger (not to mention the glass slipper in my bag). Once we had walked down Main Street we decided to make a few phone calls to loved ones to share the good news. It was hard to do as the Frozen parade was going on and the music was so loud. I will probably always associate the song ‘Let It Go’ with my engagement now. Afterwards we had some time to spare until we were going to meet my family so we decided we would go on a ride but we had to choose carefully due to the roses so we ended up on Pinocchio.

We went to go and meet my family outside of Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast as previously agreed and as my parents already knew of Kurt’s engagement plans, hugs and stories were shared immediately. My younger sister looked so confused as to why I had two dozen roses but it finally all clicked into place. We headed over to the castle to get some engagement photos before it got too dark (now I know why they wanted me to wear a dress). Once we were finished we had a quick ride on Buzz Lightyear and then stopped for ice cream as we left the park.


Getting engaged at Disneyland Paris was a dream come true and I wouldn’t change any part of it for the world. My husband put in so much effort and it was such an incredible evening. Since then we’ve had a fabulous Disney wedding, partial Disney honeymoon and we are settling into married life in our new home. Luckily for me, he seems to tolerate (enjoy) Disney trips so we’ve got some fun years ahead of us.

Hipark by Adagio Review

Our trip:

Just a little about our trip and why we decided to stay at the Hipark Design Suites, which is now called Hipark by Adagio.

Whilst I was looking into booking our February 2018 Disneyland Paris trip I knew that me and Kurt wanted to become Annual Pass holders so that we would be able to return in the summer for a longer trip. This ruled out booking directly with Disneyland Paris and we also wanted to keep costs cheap. A quick browse on Expedia and we found the Hipark Design Suites (now known as Hipark by Adagio). We booked in to stay at the hotel from Saturday 10th Feb until Wednesday 14th Feb. The price was reasonable and we booked it alongside our flights on Expedia.

Our room:

The room that we booked was a Studio room and when I booked was told that this would have a sofa bed as it’s bed, which I was a little worried about but when we arrived it was a regular double bed and very comfortable. My only complaint with the bed was that they only provided one pillow per person, but that was only a minor issue as we just popped down to reception and they were more than happy to provide us with more.

Image result for hipark by adagio serris-val d'europe

Within the room was a kitchenette which I thought was absolutely brilliant. It had a dishwasher, fridge, hob, kettle and all the necessary kitchen utensils and cleaning products required. We absolutely loved having these extra facilities as it meant that we could store cold food and drink, such as milk, and we had the flexibility to make our own meals. Whilst we only did this for breakfast, if we did return in future I would definitely make some meals at the hotel as well.

Image result for hipark by adagio serris-val d'europe

The bathroom was modern, clean and tidy and came fully equipped with a bath and shower, and a hairdryer as well. It was a lovely bathroom and was actually separated off by a corridor so you felt like you had plenty of privacy. The only downside is that room cleaners do not visit you on a daily basis and so you need to keep an eye on your amenities to make sure that you have enough and re-use towels (but hey, that’s great for the environment!)

Image result for hipark by adagio serris-val d'europe

Other aspects of the room were that there were a few English TV channels, but we found out that you could change the language on the French channels anyway! The wifi was easy to access albeit a little slow.. I cannot comment on the hotel breakfast or swimming pool as we didn’t use either of those facilities. The pool is an outdoor pool and was suitably frozen up during our visit.


The location of this hotel is utterly brilliant. It is a 15 minute walk from Disneyland Paris (from hotel entrance to park entrance) and it also has free shuttle bus access. The time that we went was not considered peak so the buses only came about once every 30 minutes, however this was not an issue as long as you were able to plan and adjust your day. But we actually walked a few times as it was not a problem.

The location is also fab because just up the street there is a bakery and a few different restaurants and a 5/10 minute walk away is the Val D’Europe which is a massive shopping centre, with a supermarket inside. This was so convenient and was just amazing actually. The location of this hotel is probably what will drive me most to stay here again over other hotels in and around Disneyland Paris.

Final verdict:

The final verdict is in and I would 100% recommend this hotel to anyone planning to come to Disneyland Paris, especially if they intend to purchase an Annual Pass. Although it is a basic hotel, it comes fully equipped and is clean and modern. The kitchen facilities are just brilliant. The best part of this hotel however is its location. It is honestly so close to the parks and Val D’Europe and comes with access to a free shuttle bus. In my opinion, it doesn’t get much better than that.

Disclaimer: As I was a complete and utter idiot I forgot to take any photos of my hotel room. All photos have been taken from hotel booking websites Adoga, Accor Hotels and Booking.com.

Disneyland Paris February 2018 Trip Report – Day 5

Wednesday 14th Feb

Sadly, on Valentine’s Day, our final day (well half a day) at the parks was here. We had a quick breakfast and packed up the room and checked out of our hotel. I will review the Hipark Design Suites in another post, but in summary our stay with them was fantastic. We checked in our luggage with them and headed off towards the parks on the shuttle bus.

We arrived at Disneyland Park at about 9:20am and headed straight in. The other three wanted to have another turn on Hyperspace Mountain so I offered to go and wait for Big Thunder Mountain to open so that I could get FastPasses for us. I walked over to Frontierland and was surprised to see it was already open and Big Thunder Mountain was already running. I’ve made a note of this for our trip in the summer so hopefully we can get a few extra rides in. I joined the queue for FastPass and waited for 10am and the park to officially open. Unfortunately, at about 9:50 a Cast Member came over and told us that the FastPass system was down in the entire park and wouldn’t be working all day. Whilst I was waiting I did enjoy looking at the Coco decorations though!


Disappointed by the lack of FastPasses, I rang my group and ended up meeting up with Kurt in Fantasyland and noticed that Peter Pan had an incredibly short queue, so we decided to wait for that. I think that Peter Pan is such an adorable ride but I honestly don’t understand why people queue so long for it. It is so short and in my opinion not incredible so I will only go on it if the queue is short or if I can get a FastPass. Although I do like to try and go on Peter Pan once per visit.

After Peter Pan we met back up with the girls and decided that we would see if we could go on Pinocchio as it was one of the only rides that we hadn’t been on yet. Luckily the queue was fairly short and we managed to get on and off the ride within about 20 minutes. I much prefer Pinocchio to Snow White so I was happy to have been on both on this trip.

I was really desperate to have another go on Big Thunder Mountain before we left so we went over to see what the queue was like. The queue said it would be about 40 minutes so we decided to wait. Luckily, the queue actually only took about 20 minutes because we lucked out joining the right queue when it splits as the other queue had to allow Hotel FastPass people in front of them, and those with a disability. I really enjoyed my last ride on Big Thunder Mountain until the summer, I only wish I could have been on it about 100 more times.


It was getting close to lunchtime, so we decided to head over to Hakuna Matata (one of my favourites) to grab some lunch. I’m so glad we did as we were going to have a food disaster at the airport later that day and I would have been starving without a hot meal. I absolutely love the Hakuna Matata Quick Service restaurant because I love the chicken strips and most importantly the Hakuna fries (now known as sweetcorn fries). It was so delicious and as always lived up to my expectations.

Once we had finished lunch we decided that we would go on one last ride before doing some shopping and heading back to the hotel for our transfer. Pirates of the Caribbean is one of my favourite rides, so we decided we would go there for our final ride. Luckily the queue wasn’t too long and we were back in the Caribbean in no time.

Afterwards we headed back to Main Street USA and took in our last few glimpses of the castle and made our way back up going in and out of the shops and making a few last minute purchases. Then it was time to say goodbye to Disneyland Paris until August. I have never had to leave during the middle of the day before and I honestly found it much harder than having completely separate travel days. Luckily I know I’ve got a trip booked to come back otherwise I think I would have felt much more upset.

We got the shuttle bus back to the hotel and collected our luggage whilst we waited for our transfer to arrive. Our transfer came but unfortunately he came completely unprepared in a tiny BMW for 4 passengers and 4 suitcases. Needless to say there was not nearly enough room and we had to sit with the suitcases on our laps. I have since put in a complaint with Hoppa and they have refunded me for both of the transfers and unfortunately due to their unreliability and provision of inadequate transfers I am unlikely to use them again.

We arrived at the airport in plenty of time and waited until we were able to check in for our flight. Luckily the check in and security process was very easy and we were soon ready to wait by the gate. Sadly Terminal 3 at Charles de Gualle is very disappointing as the only places that served food were Pret a Manger and Relay and all of us were desperate for a hot meal. To add to the annoyance our flight was delayed by an hour but we were not informed until after it was meant to depart. All in all, we were all relieved when we made it home.

I had such an amazing trip back to Disneyland Paris and I am so excited to once again be an Annual Pass holder and I cannot wait for my return trip in the summer.

Have you got any trips booked or planned? I’d love to hear all about them.dsc00603.jpg

Garmin step count: 11,602 – 4.70 miles.

2018 Book List – World Book Day

Recently I have found that many people I know are challenging themselves to read lots of books within a year from 30 to 40 and even beyond 50. I love reading but my day to day routine doesn’t feature a lot of it and unfortunately, I don’t read many books a year. However, in my opinion any reading is good reading.

As today is World Book Day, I have decided to write a short post about the 5 books that I would like to read (or re-read) this year. It is also my plan to then review each of these books on my blog.

So far this year I have only read one book and that was Big Little Lies which I thought was stunning and I read the whole book in about 3 days. I love the feeling of getting so caught up in a storyline that you can barely stand to put the book down and this is something that I would like to experience more.

Here are the 5 books that I would like to read this year:

1) Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (Illustrated Edition)


Each year for my birthday I get the next instalment in the Illustrated Harry Potter series  and first things first they are absolutely beautiful to look at and read. I am an avid Harry Potter fan and have read the books and watched the movies countless times but I am making the effort to read through them again because I love the stories and also I want to experience them with the brand new illustrations.

2) All The Bright Places

See the source image

This is a book that I picked out for myself and was given over Christmas. I don’t know much about the storyline but I love reading Young Adult fiction and I remember that reading the blurb back in December the book really stood out to me. I am excited to delve into something completely new and see where the story takes me.

3) The Art and Making of The Greatest Showman


If you have read my movie review posts that you will know that I am in love with the recent motion picture ‘The Greatest Showman’. So much so that I just had to order the Art and Making of book. I have already flicked through and had a look at the all of the artwork and photographs but I am excited to read through it probably and find out all about how they made this incredible movie.

4) Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Illustrated Edition

Image result for harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban illustrated

I am actually behind on catching up with my illustrated copies of Harry Potter and that’s why the Prisoner of Azkaban has made it onto this list. In a mini goal I would like to have finished reading this before my birthday in October so that I am ready for the fourth instalment. Again, I love Harry Potter and these books are beautiful so I am excited to experience even more Harry Potter magic.

5) Still Me

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I am a huge fan of JoJo Moyes and particularly her ‘Me Before You’ series. Once I had found out that there was going to be a third instalment I promptly placed the book on my must read list. Whilst I don’t own a copy presently (I’m waiting for paperback) I know that this is a book I will purchase this year and cannot wait to find out more about the life of Lou Clark. This is definitely a book I’m beyond excited to read in 2018.

Bonus Read: Disneyland Paris A-Z


I purchased this book last May and I have flipped through it and read different parts of it numerous times but it is my goal to make it through the book in it’s entirety.  I absolutely adore this book and as a huge Disneyland Paris fan it was a must for my collection and I am so happy that I own a copy. It is a wonderful book and I will review it once I’ve finished!


That’s it! That’s the 5 (well 6) books that I would like to read before 2018 is over. If I can read even more then that would be amazing, but I wanted to set myself an achievable goal and I believe this is one. Let me know if you’ve got any of these books on your to-read list or let me know what your must read for 2018 is.

February at Cineworld – no spoilers, just thoughts!

As per my last movie review post I explained that I have a Cineworld Unlimited card and this month’s post is all about the movies that I saw in February. Here we go…

I, Tonya (Unlimited Screening) ★★★★★

Image result for i tonya movie poster

Okay, first things first, all the love and awards go to Margot Robbie because she was absolutely phenomenal in this movie. I personally do not know anything about Tonya Harding so I came into the movie with no idea what was going to happen and I was swept up from start to finish. Margot Robbie seemed to utterly encompass the character (as well as all the work she did behind the scenes!) This movie was hilarious, thrilling and an awesome insight into the world of Olympic Ice Skating.

I thoroughly enjoyed this movie and was luckily enough to see it at an early preview. I would highly recommend it. Also, I think that McKenna Grace (my favourite young star of the moment) was incredible and she just keeps getting better and better!

Black Panther ★

Image result for black panther movie poster

I am going to talk about this movie twice, as I saw it twice, and each one will have a different star rating due to the circumstances of going to see the movie! My husband was desperate to see Black Panther as soon as we got home from Disneyland Paris. Unfortunately, I was exhausted, had an awful cold and don’t always find Marvel movies completely engaging and I fell asleep within the first 20 minutes or so of the movie. What I did see was rather slow paced and didn’t capture my attention, but I will talk more about Black Panther later on in this post.

Father Figures ★★★

Image result for father figures movie poster

If I had only one word to describe Father Figures it would be ‘alright.’ All in all the movie was alright. It had funny moments, a decent storyline and some pretty awesome actors (Owen Wilson!) but it wasn’t as good as the potential I thought it could be.

The plot followed two brothers, who were the complete opposite of each other, who find out that their father is not dead and they go on a hunt for him. They meet a wide range of characters (most with comical moments) until they find out the truth… I won’t delve any further as I don’t want to post any spoilers.

Finding Your Feet ★★★★

Image result for finding your feet movie poster

Okay, this movie was amazing!! I’m not going to lie, me and Kurt only went to this film because we wanted something to do on a Friday night (for essentially no money!) and this fit the bill.

I was honestly so surprised about how much I enjoyed this movie. We were the youngest in the cinema by far but I am so happy that we went to see it. The movie had comical moments, but more importantly it dealt with issues faced by everyone today. Growing older, losing those who you love, making new friendships and trying out new experiences. It was heart warming despite devastating moments and was well worth the watch. I would recommend this movie no matter what your age as I thought it was utterly marvellous.

Black Panther ★★★

Image result for black panther movie poster

We went to see Black Panther again and this time I stayed awake throughout the whole movie. Overall. I thought that it was good but unfortunately for me I think it had been overhyped by the world and did not live up to my expectations. Similarly, it did not feel like a Marvel film and I think that took away some of the atmosphere for me.

However, I did enjoy the movie and the storyline was well thought and the majority of the time, gripping. Saying that, I did find the start of the movie and the introduction of the characters to be fairly slow and would have appreciated a quicker pace. All in all, I thought Black Panther was a good movie and I would watch it again.

Game Night (Unlimited Screening) ★★★★

Image result for game night movie poster

Lastly, we got to go to another Unlimited Screening (yay!) and this time for a movie that I had really been looking forward too.

Game Night was such a fun, light-hearted comedy which actually held a decent storyline. The cinema was packed out and everyone was laughing throughout the entire movie. It was just such a good, fun, feel-good movie with hilarious moments and a ridiculous but plausible storyline. I am looking forward to seeing this movie again!

So that was my month of new releases, each screening cost me £2.98, thanks Cineworld!
All photos are courtesy of Google images.

Disneyland Paris February 2018 Trip Report – Day 4

Tuesday 13th February

As we had stocked up on breakfast items the day before we were able to eat our breakfast as we were getting ready for Day 4 of our trip. We decided the night before that we would head into the Walt Disney Studios in the morning to meet Moana and then head to the Main Park afterwards. We got our shuttle bus without a problem and by 9:30am we were queueing for Moana. Meeting Moana was amazing and the character interaction was absolutely fantastic! In my opinion it was worth the very, very, very long wait- but I’m not sure Kurt would agree. Whilst we were waiting for Moana (which took all morning) Kurt rode Crush’s Coaster and Ratatouille and wandered around the park and Art of Animation taking photos, at least he had something to do to keep him occupied. I loved meeting Moana but I don’t think I would wait that long to meet her again, definitely only for a one off!


After meeting Moana, we were getting hungry, so we decided to grab something to eat. I had noticed a sign for Pasta Pots the other day, so we headed back over to the cart near where Woody meets, and we picked up some lunch. I really enjoyed the pasta even though it was just microwaveable pasta. It made a really nice change from eating burgers and chips every day. We found somewhere warm to eat inside. Once we had finished we decided that we wanted to do the Studio Tram Tour, as we were leaving Studio 1 we noticed the PhotoPass photographers with the Valentine’s frames and props so we decided to stop for a few snaps.



After our photos we headed towards Studio Tram Tour but the queue was absolutely massive, so we decided that we would try Armageddon again. As I said in my previous post, I think Armageddon is such a laugh and I honestly don’t mind experiencing it once per trip. Luckily this time there were no technical difficulties and we had a good laugh inside the space ship. I never know when the jolt is going to happen and it always makes me jump and scream!

We decided that we were feeling a little bit tired and headed back to the hotel for a short break. I really like going back for a rest in the middle of the day as it means that you can recuperate and fully enjoy the rest of your day. I also took the opportunity to have some snacks as I knew we would be having a late dinner that day and didn’t want to get too hungry.

Today we were going to see the parade, so we headed back on the bus with plenty of time and we stood at the top of Main Street USA ready for the parade. This was my first time seeing Stars on Parade and I was not disappointed. The floats were awesome, there was a good variety of characters and to top it all off, as the parade started so did the snow and so we got to experience the parade in a snowy, magical wonderland which was perfect!



Once the parade had finished we headed into Fantasyland to try and do some rides that we hadn’t had a chance to do yet. We noticed that because of the snow Dumbo had an incredibly short queue so we managed to get on really quickly. It was SO cold up in the sky but so beautiful watching the snow fall and coat our magical kingdom in snow. It was an experience that I won’t forget in a while.

Afterwards we went to queue for the Carousel de Lancelot as the queue was also tiny for this. When we got on I tried my hardest to get on one of the bigger horses but I just couldn’t manage it and I ended up on a tiny one at the middle! Luckily, my horse also finished at its shortest position, so I didn’t get stuck. I’m afraid of heights and always strap myself in and I still get scared of falling off the horse!

We decided to head into Discoveryland because Amy, Kyra and Kurt really wanted to go on Hyperspace Mountain and I don’t mind waiting around for them. The queue was only 15 minutes long so I went to the exit to wait for them. In reality they queued between 5 and 10 minutes and were done before I knew it.

I was eager to get on Big Thunder Mountain again before the park closed and it was time to watch Illuminations, especially as I couldn’t be sure that I would get to go on it again tomorrow. We headed over to Frontierland and thankfully the queue wasn’t too long, so we had a turn and it was incredible. We got off the ride and still had plenty of time and I was so eager to go again so after the girls had some crepes (it was pancake day after all!) we queued again and had another go. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Big Thunder Mountain at night is amazing, albeit a little bit chilly!


After Thunder we raced to get a spot for Illuminations and we watched it as the parks closed. Unpopular opinion time I prefer Disney Illuminations to Disney Dreams because (don’t shoot me) I prefer Mickey Mouse being the main character as opposed to Peter Pan because I don’t truly understand the Peter Pan hype and Mickey Mouse is the main mouse himself and he deserves to always be the star of the show. I also love that it incorporates both the original versions of movies and the new live action versions (Beauty and the Beast) and the Pirates of the Caribbean section is perfect! I know that the majority of the world disagree with me on this, but I am more than happy for Illuminations to stay a while.

Once Illuminations was finished we walked over to the Disney Village and had our dinner in Annette’s which is a personal favourite of mine for a few reason. One reason being it feels like I’m a part of A Cinderella Story, two being I have amazing family memories in there and the third being the food is incredible. I had my usual, Cheeseburger and Fries, and the Brownie a la Mode for dessert. Yummy!

Afterwards we headed back to the hotel to pack and get ready for our final day at the parks tomorrow! I was already feeling the post-Disney blues and we still had magical moments left!

Garmin step count: 14,432 – 5.87 miles.